Our history


The idea for a family-run store came in 2015 when father and daughter wanted to bring knowledge and greater understanding out to others who want more information about this way of life and such a philosophy of life. The desire to be able to help others in everyday life and bring both peace and harmony into their lives, has been a great driving force for the creation of the family-run business.


Since this time, the idea of the family business has grown like a seed that is planted in the ground and grows into a beautiful tree with lush and beautiful branches. Amalie Alvee Wiig, owner and general manager of Witchfamily v / Alvee AS and her father Rune Alfr Wiig, have together created the idea for life. They are the creators and producers of countless goods and not least the store. Knowledge from generations has been brought to life in a modern age.

We welcome you into a magical world filled with products and inspiration in nature-based philosophy where you can flourish and grow yourself!
About Witchfamily

Witchfamily is a family-run business with mystery, magic, witchcraft, paganism and nature-based philosophy of life. The goods are of high quality where those marked with C.O.A - Certificate of Authenticity, are Witchfamily's own extra special products.

The art of the handmade is beautiful and the quality this allows is something we in Witchfamily are focusing on taking care of. The items will be able to vary from each other as they are handmade. Products such as herbs, decor, our own magazine Witchery Magazine and Völva products, are just some of the categories you will find in our store. Items in the store are updated regularly.

Our goal is to spread knowledge and information about this, precisely this is that more people can gain a deeper understanding of what this such philosophy of life, practice and way of life is about and how it works. And not least to be able to offer those who practice and want to practice, products of good and high quality. Everything from hand-rolled honey candles made of natural beeswax to KIT that can be used in rituals etc.

Vår historie og om Witchfamily

We encourage all use of herbs and natural products to be used in a safe way where the user himself reads out on properties and any side effects that may occur. All other use of such products from Witchfamily is at your own risk.


It will happen that products are different from each other as the goods are handmade and / or taken from nature. Sharpened and crude crystals are scrolled. some of the products where this may occur.