Norway's first and only witchery magazine

Witchery Magazine covers the part of Norwegian culture that deals with the witch process, as well as how modern witchcraft is spread in today's society. It is an informative magazine on every aspect of Mother Earth, witches, pagans, history, witchcraft, magic and so much more. It contains, among other things, professional articles written by the Norwegian historian and specialist in the witchcraft trials in Norway, Rune Blix Hagen. In addition to this, the magazine also has a number of interviews, such as in issue # 1, an interview with the head of the Nordic Paganists and chief witch of the Witch House, Lena Ragnvaldsdatter Skarning.

Allowing both women and men who practice and appreciate this part of the Norwegian culture, is something that needs to be brought into the light in today’s society. When using the word “witch”, and if someone says that they are spiritual, one is suffocated by negativity from several agencies. Here you do not have the same freedom of speech as others. Being a witch, living in harmony with nature and natural elements, working for nature and applying what nature has to offer, is a big part of Norway's history and culture, where Norway itself also was part of the witch process and persecution back in time. During the years following the witch persecutions and until today, it has been considered negative if one labels oneself as a witch. This without any thoughts about how being a witch can be positive and how it is a way of life that quite a few people in the world share and have in common. The public do not emphasize and do not bring to light the stories, facts and events of the past about the time when it was approved and normal to be a witch.
The time has now come for you not to feel ashamed of being yourself, regardless of gender, religion or culture. One should enjoy one's existence and express one's opinions in the same way as everyone else, and be a part of society. It is no longer about us and them, but about us as a whole in balance with nature. One should be able to express who one is, which in itself is a large part of Norwegian culture, history and not least through the ages. One should be able to express one's part of society. This applies both in earlier times, the development to today and in today's society. 

The magazine contains art, interviews, advice and guidance, academic articles, illustrations and photographs, forms and so much more. And if you are interested in being a part of spreading this culture and way of life, just get in touch by email. The magazine is here to spread stories, knowledge and information from people around the world. The magazine is for those who practice, but not least for those who want to gain more insight into this part of the world.

Best wishes from the owner and editor

Amalie Alvee Wiig
Rootwitch and Völva